Hard West & Hard West 2 (Deluxe Double Vinyl)
Hard West & Hard West 2 (Deluxe Double Vinyl) Hard West & Hard West 2 (Deluxe Double Vinyl) Hard West & Hard West 2 (Deluxe Double Vinyl)

Hard West & Hard West 2 (Deluxe Double Vinyl)

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Hard West & Hard West 2 (Original Soundtracks)


Marcin Przybyłowicz (Hard West) & Jason Graves (Hard West 2)

Product information:

  • Complete 14-track album from 2015’s Hard West
  • 9-track selection from 2022’s Hard West 2
  • Orange & blue transparent heavyweight discs
  • Printed inner sleeves and spined outer sleeve
  • Art by Grzegorz Przybyś & Division48 Studio


With a gun full of lead and a fistful of witchcraft, Laced Records has formed a posse with Ice Code Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment to bring you music from turn-based supernatural westerns Hard West and Hard West 2 to good ol’ wax.

All music has been remastered for vinyl and will be pressed onto heavyweight LPs. Disc 1 is transparent orange and features the full 14-track OST from 2015’s Hard West. Disc 2 is transparent light blue and boasts 9 tracks selected from the Hard West 2 soundtrack. LPs come in printed inners, which are housed in a spined sleeve. Sleeve artwork for Hard West is by Grzegorz Przybyś, while Division48 Studio created the sleeve art for Hard West 2

With Hard West, Marcin Przybyłowicz (Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Cyberpunk 2077) set the mood for the series, employing twanging guitar, pounding drum beats, lonely trumpets and various atmospheric elements. On several of his more anxious cues, snatches of piano, guitar and violin emerge from the echoey fog to keep players on edge, while maintaining the heightened mix of fantasy-horror and Wild West aesthetics. 

For Hard West 2, Jason Graves (Dead Space 1&2, Tomb Raider [2013], Dark Pictures Anthology) gets grittier and grungier, while honouring the sound world of the original. Through his spartan use of bass guitar, percussion, and spooky synths, Graves summons a more primal, earthy sound, while still layering in the acoustic and electric guitars we associate with the dark side of the West. 


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Track List



(Hard West 1)

Welcome to the Hard West

Heat Around the Corner

Story of a Murderer

Born Unto Trouble

The Road


Dies Irae

Dream Town



The Wrath of God

What's in the Box

Who Killed the World

Dance of the Daemons

Every Prophet in His House

Into the Darkness




(Hard West 2)

Hard West II


Running Out Of Time

Utah Fever

Lament For The West



Echoing Lead

Shadowless Noon

Shadow Dance

Undead Army